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Inspired by a love of the outdoors and and understanding of modern living, Monsoon Bike Covers are a wind-proof, rain-proof storage and transportation solution for road bike users that don’t want to let the weather stop them doing what they love.

The wear resistant properties of the waterproof fabric and the fact the bike cover encloses the entirety of the bike, including the wheels and handle bars, means there are no concerns with mounting your bike in it’s cover during transportation. The cover can even be used to prevent damage from multiple bikes being used on the same rack during transit.

And these heavy duty bike covers aren’t just for keeping your bike clean during transportation, whether you store your bike outside or in your apartment, the easy fit and durable nature lends itself to any situation.

So if you are the type who doesn’t let a little bit of rain stop your passion, Monsoon Bike Covers are the solution for you!

full bike cover for transportation


→ Waterproof, Durable Bicycle Cover for Transportation

→ Envelops 100% of your bike and protects it from any elements that can damage its parts

→ Fits most of road bicycles

→ Keeps the dirt inside the cover while your car stays clean

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